Samantha Dickinson, Founder. CSW + Google Analytics Certified.

Samantha Dickinson, Founder. CSW + Google Analytics Certified.

about me

Seasoned salesperson turned digital marketer.

With 20+ years selling in the 3 tier system + another 10 years in restaurants and hotels, I have been on your side of the fence. I understand the challenges you face with incorporating online business into your physical world and it is my passion to help you gain results, painlessly.

I have launched brands like Root:1, built brands like Cupcake, and managed mature brands like Franzia. I’ve also been the caretaker for countless artisan estates; from the revered DRC to the tiny unknowns that couldn’t get through our distribution system even if they scraped up their savings to incent a team to do it. (sigh) 

I’ve taken a few sharp right turns on this wine road to fully immerse myself in the tech sector. In 2014, I merged these two paths together by creating WineKey, a mobile app for blind tasting training. In 2017, I expanded beyond wine to begin working with the fast-emerging category of non-alcoholic spirits. 

After joking for too many years that I was a ‘marketing person stuck in a salesperson’s life’, I decided to start Coraggio Consulting. Marketing is the way I think and how I have been approaching my business all these years. It’s through this vehicle that I can combine my skills with my boundless energy to help more beverage companies empower themselves online.


Have courage, and embrace the digital world.

What does Coraggio (‘kho-rah-joh') mean? Courage, in Italian.

One day, many moons ago on a cold day in Chicago, I huddled up to a bar with my close friend Kristin- lifetime wine pro, lover of all things Italian, fluent speaker- for a little cibo e vino (and by ‘a little’… I don’t mean a little).  You know the kind of glass that turns into a bottle and the kind of conversation that goes from a catch up to deep dives to what’s wrong with our archaic industry and couldn’t we do better by just doing THIS and THAT? 

We knoooow…”Let’s do it ourselves!”, we cheered as our glasses clinked and eyes glimmered with visions of the wine world domination.  And then, in a more serious voice, my fluent friend said a bit devilishly, “…we should call it Coraggio”.  “What does that mean?”, I asked, my Italian skills being 'Level 1 Caveman' at best. 

“Courage.  It means courage”.

It stuck.

Today, it takes a double meaning for me.  It was my first vision of entrepreneurship and a great dinner with my friend, but it also serves as a beacon for me.  Have courage.  Make courageous choices.  Inspire consumers to drink more courageously and try new things.

It’s time to push this industry forward. Your company forward. Your team. Your strategy.  Your thinking. Your culture.

And that takes a little courage.  Or a lot.

I believe those that choose a little courageously will be the winners in our industry.