Talk Back to Your Customers.

The #1 Way to Improve Your Social Media Immediately (it's not what you think)

Social media is everyone's favorite dabble into the digital world, so it's no surprise this was the #1 topic request in our recent subscriber survey.

First, let me share what I am hearing time and time again as I talk to companies about their digital practices. When it comes to social media, here's what I hear more often than not:

“We try to post as much as we can... we have someone that posts for us…we all chip in to do the posting…”

Postypostpostpostypost. Social media = posting, right?

Yes and no. As with most things, there's just more to it than that. The #1 opportunity that I see constantly overlooked is two-way engagement. This is how to deepen your imprint with your customers right away. And here's the good news: you already have these skills, you just need to use them online.

Your digital world should be mirror of your physical world. You'll hear me say this a lot.

Be the Same Online as You are in Person

(see? I'm already doing it)


In your tasting room/ restaurant/ retailer/ whatever…

If a customer were to walk into your establishment, wide-eyed with anticipation and exclaim, “Wow, I cannot wait to try this!” would you:

...walk away?

...look down at your screen?

...refuse to acknowledge them?

(Ok, ok…maybe if you are in LA)

You wouldn’t, because you know this is your chance to let your hospitality DNA shine.  In fact, *49% of companies say they achieve a higher ROI by focusing on engagement.

Examples from My Feed

One of the restaurants I follow, which I'll rename 'Yum Restaurant', posted a dish recently. Here's what their feed looked like. Feel the difference when a little love is added?


Opportunity Recap

Think of your engaged followers as leads. Warm to hot, hot to hotter.


When your follower takes a moment of their time to comment. Someone is waving at you, wave back!


When you see that someone likes and comments often. That’s your regular. How do you treat your regulars in the physical world?


When someone actually burdens themselves with a few extra clicks and tags a friend. That person gets a smooch. Kidding. Digital smooching is totally inappropriate but you should srsly be loving that person right about then. They just yelled across the street and told another customer to come over!
More on this later, but this is where a social media management tool becomes your BFF.

Key Steps You Can Take

How do you charm more people every day than you already do?

  1. Ramp it up on your own.

  2. Get a social media management tool. These are amazing! Respond to everything in one place, get reporting, learn about your customers and competitors (what good does this do? I dunno, what good does it do in your physical business?… you know the answer to this). Here are some options: Sprout Social, HootSuite, Buffer.

  3. Combo deal: Hire a freelancer/ consultant/ agency to handle, and you will likely get the use of the tool + some solid direction + workload relief.

Here’s Your ‘Unfair Advantage’

Knowing my industry peeps the way I do, I know that you guys have warmth and people skills wired into you. You are excellent at building rapport and making your audience feel something. Feel special. Feel connected to you. This is your unfair advantage in the 'battle of the feed'...(more on that later.)

You got this.

Hugs and high fives,