Learn from Your Christmas Rituals.


What if Santa stole more than a cookie and gulp of milk (or as my family has always done it…beer) during his little visit to your house? Would you call the police? Would you have grounds to charge him? It’s arguable. I mean, you did invite him in, right? Gave him carte blanche?  And then just like that, in a dash …or maybe it’s a jiffy, I don’t know how it goes (#nokids)… he’s off and out of sight.  It’s kinda hard to get in touch with him after that.  You could write, you could try to find a number and call… but honestly, he’s on the the next gig, you know?  You’re kinda screwed.

Same thing when you didn't take a few extra steps with the tech person that whisked in and out of your life when you needed them.  They set up your Facebook. They got your site up and running, turned your online stuff on and then… everything just kept working, right?

Until it didn’t. 

Until emails weren’t coming through. Until you finally became ready to put energy into Facebook, or Instagram, and you realized you couldn’t give access to the help you want to hire.  Until you got another super cool email from one of your competitors and thought, “Hey…. I should be doing more of this…are all my email leads in MailChimp? Or is it Constant Contact?”.  This information… it’s on your phone somewhere. You don’t stay in touch with Suzie Tech Person anymore but things didn’t end badly or anything, maybe you could just shoot her a note? 

If she still has her notes.

If she’s not with Santa cavorting on the other side of the world.

You’re catchin’ what I’m throwin’ right?

Here’s the thing: NEVER NEVER NEVER GIVE ANYONE THAT IS NOT AN OWNER OF YOUR BUSINESS THE ONLY KEYS TO YOUR KINGDOM.  Do not give them the only keys to your house. Do not give them the only keys to your online business. Even if you trust them implicitly! Even if it’s your sister!  Even if you got tattoos together in college!

Sorry about the yelling but I have to be heard above the jingle bells in your head.


  1. Be the Administrator on ALL of your social accounts, management tools, website, and Google Analytics (yes, *please* set this up even if you don’t think you need it. It’s free. No excuses).  Everything. Is. Yours. Not. Theirs.  

  2. Just like Santa only gets access to your house only when and how you say, your relationship with your tech person, or marketing person, should follow suit. (See what I did there?).  When you are the Admin, you can invite your Helpers (…I can’t stop myself) to be Contributors, Editors, whatever. The permission names don’t matter, the point is: the owner is the first level, anyone else is second level or nothing.  You can giveth and you can taketh away whenever you want. Which leads me to the next point...

  3. When someone stops helping you, close the flue! Disconnect their access. This isn’t personal. You don’t have to get in a fight and breakup and tell them to vaffanculo all over the place to justify this action. It’s a matter of protocol.  Close the flue. 

  4. Centralize! Keep all your access info in one spot. If you want to be super cool about it keep it on Google Drive or some other cloud based, update-once-and-everyone-can-find-it tool.  No rifling through everyone's devices.  No paper.

That’s it. Four rules… nay, Commandments.  Truly.  If you haven’t done this already STOP NOW AND DO IT, or reach out to me for help, before the new year rolls in and you start with bad juju.  I cannot tell you the number of people I talk to that didn’t pay attention to this stuff with their last person and now we are practically having to hire a forensic technologist to give them the reign(deer)s back.

Srsly. I’ll stop. 

P.S. As a chimney outsider, I had to google what this Santa-access-mechanism is called and found the info on www.andersonchimney.com.  Three seconds after being there I got a customer service “How can I help you?” pop up.  The chimney biz is on point people! You can be on point too.  See my last blog about two-way engagement.