My Approach revolves around two questions

Can your customers Clearly see what you’re about?

know it, own it, anchor down

You need to know before they can

Define who you are…and who you are not.

Stay in your lane

Establish ‘guardrails’ for off-brand areas you tend to steer into unintentionally.

Get real about your proposition

You have a secret sauce. Identify this and drizzle it on top of everything you do.

Are you Helping them convert?

Sticky marketing is the name of the game

Nail the basics

people can find you, understand your value, and purchase without much effort every time.

Take control of the current

Use data to target and move audiences along their path to purchase.

Be practical

High dollar spends are fun but if you don’t keep conversion in mind you are likely wasting cash.

Not sure where you stand?