Engage your audience. Tell your story. Increase your sales.


Most companies know they need to do more with their online presence, few realize all the levers they have to play with. Here is a brief run down.

The Basics


Customer Insights. (aka analytics)

This is at the center of everything. There, I said it.

The information is free. If you don’t know who your customer is and how they are interacting with you then you are making the rest of the work harder than it needs to be. All you need is someone to set it up and pull insights on an ongoing basis for you. I am certified in Google Analytics, check out my service plan options here.

Imagine you knew your online visitors as well as your other customers. Who is coming to your site? How did they find you? Where are they from? How old are they? What content is getting the most clicks? And so. much. more. Don’t be in the dark!



Be the same online as you are on the street. If I had a $1 for every time I heard amazing stories from a drinks company and then went to their site to see a completely different personality… well, I’d be on my own boat right now giggling about how I used to work really hard. Get fresh eyes to make sure you are not keeping some of your best stuff offline.

Managing content is ‘a thing’. No company or consultant has time to write content only and to avoid being sucked into the content abyss we all need to use what we have, slice it into bites, divvy it up, put it on the right channels, and track results.

Making Your Website Work for Your Goals (aka optimization)

Your site is a conversion machine and every page has a job. Just like there is a logic to how consumers flow through grocery stores, view menus, and peruse shelf sets, there is a logic to how they flow through your site. Gone are the days where just putting some information on a page is enough.

You do not need to have ecommerce for this to matter. Convert leads to followers and subscribers, visitors to engaged browsers, shoppers to completed sales. Name your goal and there is a way to lead your visitors to it. Cold to warm, warm to hot.


Email Marketing

This is still the #1 way to reach your audience. Segment your audience. Personalize campaigns. Retarget people. Test and learn. Try various creative approaches. Use video. Take it seriously and be consistent.

Live by your metrics.  Open rate, click throughs, bounces, conversions, unsubscribes, forwarding, trends over time. Would you continue to serve a dish that everyone sent back? Look for what is working and what isn’t and adjust accordingly.

Social Media

Talk back. Social media is everyone’s favorite nibble into digital marketing, which is great, but the job is not over when the post goes out. Encourage conversations with your fans by engaging in two-way dialogue. If someone walked into your tasting room and said, “I love it here! I can’t wait to try the wine!”, would your host walk away? Engage in person, engage online. Same same.

Pop your head out of the trenches. Use a management tool so you can find out where you stand and where you can go. If you become my client, you can use mine. Learn what your competitors are doing well. ‘Social listen’ to plug into what people are saying about your brand. All the things.


Targeted Ads

This is a fast(er) customer acquisition track. Get your product out in front of people, test, and react to/reap results immediately. This is pay-per-click and requires an additional budget.

Search Engine Ranking

This is a slow(er) customer acquisition track. It’s important though. Plan on 6-9 months for results, plan to spend additional budget, and know that no effort should be made until your website is optimized. Google will not give you results without this being done.