This page is important because it’s the beginning of our relationship. If you’re here it’s because you want to understand the person behind the services and evaluate who’s in your corner.

Will I understand your brand and goals?
Can I execute your vision?
What is my work style?

One of my top goals is encouraging companies to position their brand online to reflect how it is in the real world. So, I’m going to put my money where my mouth is right here.

This is the brand that is me, below.




After spending over 20 years in the wine business and about five in tech, I had joked too many times that I was a ‘marketing person stuck in a salesperson’s life’, so I decided to pull up my sales tracks and lay them alongside their natural partner: marketing. Figuring out what makes a brand catch fire is the way I think and how I have been approaching my business all these years. The consulting part is this: I’m an entrepreneur, through and through. I confirmed this when I built a mobile app from idea to launch on a bootstrap a few years ago. It was bumpy but I found that the oxygen I was breathing every day… it was better. Deep inhale. So that became my new normal. Now I get to dive deep into other people’s dreams and work on varying projects over time. Great for me because it feeds my insatiable appetite for finding points of ignition… great for you because you get the benefit of the learnings that come from working with multiple brands and across many categories. Win Win.

For more detail on the whats and whens, hit up my LinkedIn.

Current Certifications:

  • Digital Marketing from UCI

  • Advanced Google Analytics

  • Certified Specialist of Wine


My style


Can I shove thousands of testimonials into this space? Just ask anyone that’s worked with me. I LOVE building businesses and innovative ideas, and I am eternally optimistic about what’s possible for you. When you become my client, I immerse myself in your brand, see inspiration for our work e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e and bring that to the table nonstop.


Our work together will rigorously include three things: having an iterative online strategy that ties to your business goals, looking at your data regularly, and connecting the dots between all your online pieces so they work in harmony. No more flying blind, no more randomly chasing likes and burning energy on content without checking your ROI.


Everyone is looking for a magic bullet to boost their online presence but the truth is the magic bullet starts with YOU. Time and time again I talk to people in real life and then go to their website and social profiles only to see portions of what they are really about. My mission and super power is to dig deep into the heart and soul of your brand and make sure your best pieces are coming across online.

IMG_0449 (1).jpg


  • Seeker of ocean vistas

  • Dawg smoocher

  • Workout loyalist

  • Self-professed pizziaola

And… a deeply rooted Venice Beach resident looking to feed my head with as many podcasts, Audibles, and digital marketing articles as I can stuff into my days.

about the name (…I love this story)


what does coraggio mean?

Courage, in Italian.


One day, many moons ago on a cold day in Chicago, I huddled up to a bar with my close friend Kristin- lifetime wine pro, lover of all things Italian, fluent speaker- for a little cibo e vino (and by ‘a little’… I don’t mean a little).  You know the kind of glass that turns into a bottle and the kind of conversation that goes from a catch up to deep dives to what’s wrong with our archaic industry and couldn’t we do better by just doing THIS and THAT? 

We knoooow…”Let’s do it ourselves!”, we cheered as our glasses clinked and eyes glimmered with visions of wine world domination.  And then, in a more serious voice, my fluent friend said a bit devilishly, “…we should call it Coraggio”.  “What does that mean?”, I asked, my Italian skills being 'Level 1 Caveman' at best. 

“Courage.  It means courage”.

It stuck.

Today, it takes a double meaning for me.  It was my first vision of entrepreneurship and a great dinner with my friend, but it also serves as a beacon for me.  Have courage.  Make courageous choices.  Inspire consumers to act more courageously and try new things.

It’s time to push your industry forward. Your company forward. Your team. Your strategy.  Your thinking. Your culture.

And that takes a little courage.  Or a lot.

I believe those that choose a little courageously will be the winners in their industry.